Digital X-Ray TigerView DR & Software

TigerView knows that chiropractic medicine focuses on Musculo-skeletal and nervous system disorders. TigerView software has been developed with specialized chiropractic measurements to enhance your image viewing experience for the diagnosis of back, neck and joint ailments and injuries.

Clear quality images are essential to providing patients proper chiropractic care and diagnosis. Televere Systems offers DR (Digital Radiography) imaging solutions for the chiropractic market.

All of our chiropractic digital x-ray imaging products are powered by TigerView software. TigerView is a complete workflow solution that will Acquire, Store, View and Share images across your network.

TigerView for chiropractors can display advanced diagnostic measurements and tools with magnification and zooming, colorized density, image negation and sharpening tools.

Our newest select/edit, line measurement, area measurement, angle measurement, Illium analysis, measurement tools include Jackson’s angle, baselines, L/R Cervical ARC, L/R Thoracic Arc, L/R lumbar Arc, Cobb’s angle, George’s line simulation, mid-line and center point, vertical offset, horizontal offset, spine labeling, mark spots, center points, stitching simulation with blending and cropping.


Chiropractic Measurements


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