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iQ-4CLOUD allows small to large sized healthcare institutions to enjoy 24/7 medical imaging with our on-demand, powerful cloud-based PACS solution. Facilities of any size can access & share medical images efficiently and securely without the worry of storage concerns or high IT maintenance costs.

iQ-4CLOUD is a high quality, reasonably-priced advanced imaging solution with 24/7 secured access solutions available. iQ-4CLOUD PACS is easily configured, scalable picture archiving and communication system. This PACS is installed in more than 10,000 facilities ranging from small, individual imaging centers to large multi-modality, multi-site hospital installations across 118 countries. iQ-4CLOUD is full-featured, state-of-the-art, robust, and reliable.

iQ-4CLOUD offers a Zero-Footprint installation , Universal DICOM Platform, Access to images from anywhere, Mobile Service are standard.

Highlighted Features Include:

  • Share medical results, imaging studies and reports with your patients, referring or external reading physicians
  • Our comprehensive user video library will assist you with the operation of our easy-to-use interface of iQ-4CLOUD, also our iQ-WEB-X PACS interfaces.
  • Access studies in full diagnostic quality via QR code, direct login or via crypto web links
  • Portal Access can be shared e.g. via WhatsApp or paper-based QR codes or direct integration with HIS/RIS/EMR
  • No client installation or registration required
  • Runs on virtually any smartphone, tablet or computer

IMAGE REVIEW: Referring physicians can access medical images in full diagnostic quality and have all required image processing tools at their fingertips.

MEASUREMENTS: iQ-4CLOUD PACS PORTAL supports a wide variety of easy-to-use measurement tools for all clinical specialties.

Buying a new imaging device or upgrading a dated PACS server are great opportunities to purchase iQ-4CLOUD PACS.



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iQ-4CLOUD: How to use

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