Weight-bearing CBCT

The original weight-bearing CBCT



Orthopedic 3D imaging with Planmed Verity®

Planmed Verity® weight-bearing CBCT scanner provides high-quality 3D images with low dose X-Ray exposure. Verity’s design is driven by the design philosophy of Planmed, maximize ergonomics while providing comfort for both the patient and the imaging professional.

Planmed Verity® with its 3D imaging techniques solve the common challenges of differences in projection and overlapping structures. Musculo-skeletal anatomy is shown in a naturally occurring weight-bearing position and can better reveal joint space narrowing and other conditions that may not be visible through conventional diagnostic means.

Extremity CT is currently the only technology able to produce 3D imaging data of the anatomy under real, weight-bearing conditions.

The Planmed Verity extremity CT scanner provides numerous advantages over traditional medical CT scanners in a clinical practice. These advantages include: lower effective radiation doses, lower cost, fewer space requirements, easier image and acquisition.   Interactive display modes, such as multi-planar reconstruction (MPR) are applicable to both upper and lower extremities as well as head and neck imaging.

Point-of-Care applications for Planmed Verity provide premium benefits for the assessment of fractures, malunions, preoperative case planning, and postoperative checkups.


Proven low dose imaging with optimal diagnostic image quality

The innovative Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ imaging protocol reduces the Planmed Verity® scanner’s already low effective patient doses by 50% without compromising diagnostic image quality.

The unique and pioneering imaging protocol is based on Planmeca’s intelligent 3D algorithms.

Visit our partner Planmed: https://www.planmed.com/computed-tomography/orthopedic-imaging/


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